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Jerry Little said:   June 2, 2014 3:28 am PST
"The Man Behind Stonewall" reveals the passion, intensity, and devotion of General D.H.Hill. A true soldier, a leader by example, whose direct and acidic tongue overshadowed his great foresight and deeds. At last, you have awakened a long needed study of this Confederate General from the Carolinas.

Rob Olsen said:   May 29, 2014 7:19 am PST
After watching the 3 part video series, I can't help but know Major General Daniel Harvey Hill and his devoted wife Isabella Morrison Hill. A living history! I soon will not forget DH Hill and Mrs. Hill, and of course the civil war that brought and taught much! Thanks Doug and Terri for a piece of history that lives on through your creativity and much work! ';O)

Bob O'Connor said:   May 25, 2014 9:25 am PST
I finally got to view the video. It is outstanding. Your research and authentic recreation of actual letters and speeches of D. H. Hill and his wife certainly opened my eyes to the importance of Major General D. H. Hill and his interesting position as certainly the Man behind the Stonewall. Thanks for sharing. I am proud at how far you have come in your portrayal of D. H. Hill and for my minor role in encouraging you to pick up this important characterization and develop it.

John Stanley said:   October 10, 2013 6:51 am PST
I recently attend the Lt. Robert Archer Camp, Sons of Confederate Veterans meeting on October 3rd. I had the opportunity of seeing Mr. Baston performance of General D.H. Hill. I knew little to nothing of General Hill before that night. Due to Mr. Baston's performance I came away wanted to learn more about the General. I enjoyed the evening immensely. I would suggest, if you have the opportunity to see Mr. Baston's portrayal of General Hill, please do so. I sure you wouldn't be disappointed. Outstanding performance Mr. Baston! Thanks again.

S. L. Dutterer said:   June 24, 2013 12:33 pm PST
It was a pleasure to have Mr. Baston visit our Sons of Confederate Veterans meeting in June. The level of immersion he has allowed himself and thus his audience through his exhaustive research and preparation is truly commendable and a credit to himself and the memory and reputation to General Hill. His ability to mix with the chemistry of his audience and the memorable tongue-in-cheek humor that he mixes into his presentation makes for a very enjoyable and educational experience. The humor he adds is much in keeping with D. H. Hill's own sarcastic wit. Hill comes from a different perspective and angle than the usual Jackson/Lee/Longstreet crowd, and hearing his side of the story is a very interesting contrast. My only personal regret is that we only heard the Maryland Campaign's story... there is only so much time in a meeting! Thank you.

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