D.H.Hill on Radio and Video

1) American Civil War Today October 26, 2012: radio host Charles Cummings interviewed Doug Batson about becoming a Civl War Living Historian and the life of Daniel Harvey Hill. Mr. Cummings had attended Batson's impression of General D. H. Hill and talk on Lost Order 191 at the 150th Sharpsburg battle reenactment on September 15th.
2) The Man Behind the Stonewall

This 43-minute Civil War drama reveals the events that destined one Confederate general, Stonewall Jackson, for lasting fame, and relegated another, D.H. Hill, to the margins of history. Through an exchange of letters, Mrs. Hill relates the joyous birth of her niece, Julia,  Jackson's baby girl, as well as deteriorating conditions on North Carolina's home front. The acerbic General Hill resigns in frustration from the Army of Northern Virginia to reluctantly assume command in Goldsboro. There, he assails his own inept officers, draft-dodgers, deserters, and unionists, but saves his most toxic contempt for his Yankee opponent. Only with the shocking death of Jackson does Hill exhibit his Christian piety and tenderness. To console her grieving husband, Mrs. Hill offers some astounding insight concerning both men, who were brothers-in-law.

3) Civil War Talk Radio  1 March 2013. 45 minutes w/ host Gerry Prokopowicz
Doug Batson, a General D.H. Hill presenter, pays Gerry a visit. Gerry's Introduction: "...our subject today is Conferedate General Daniel Harvey Hill. Related by marriage to Stonewall Jackson. D. H. Hill led troops in action from Big Bethal, Virginia, in June 1861 to Benntonville, North Carolina, in March of 1865."
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