General D.H. Hill is delighted to explain to audiences the antebellum events that shaped his sectarian views; how unmatched hard fighting advanced him to Division and Corps Commands; his bitter disputes with Army Commanders Lee and Bragg, and how Jefferson Davis' malicious swindle cost him his rank and command and made him a public scapegoat for Confederate setbacks.

2014 SCHEDULED Appearances
July 13: Rose Hill Manor Park Civil War Encampment Frederick, MD
AUGUST 17: Sully Plantation Civil War encampment, Chantilly, VA
August 30-31: Waynesboro at War, Waynesboro, va
Sept 13-14: HunTer's Raid 150th, Lexington, VA.  Eulogy to Jackson 
Plus D.H. Hill and the June 1864 Defense of Lynchburg

2013 Appearances:
January 18 Lee-jackson Symposium, Lexington, VA
February 19 D.H. Hill in the 7 Days Battles, Hanover Tavern, VA
March 5 The 1862 MD Campaign, SCV Norris Camp 1398, Gaithersburg, MD

D.H. Hill in NC 1863 sesquicentennial Tour
"The man behind the stonewall"
March 9-10 NC History Center, New Bern
March 12 NC Estuarium, Washington
march 14 wayne county museum, goldsboro

March 23 Oatlands Tunes and Tours Open House, Leesburg, VA
April 1 Sons of Confederate Veterans R.E. Lee Camp 726, alexandria, va 
April 27 civil war day at blenheim, fairfax, va
May 4-5 Eulogy to Stonewall Jackson at 150th Battle of Chancellorsville
May 10 Eulogy to Stonewall Jackson Mt. Zion Historical Park, Aldie, VA
June 7: 7th Shenandoah Valley Civil War Conference, Winchester, va
June 12: 1862 MD Campaign, SCV TriMble Camp #1836, Columbia, MD
June 29: Union Mills Homestead, MD
July 6: 1863 Defense of Richmond, museum of the confederacy-RIChmond, VA
July 14 Rose Hill Manor Park Civil War Encampment Frederick, MD
Sept 8: Eulogy to Jackson 
Luray Caverns Civil War Weekend, VA 

150th Special: D.H. Hill at Chickamauga
"Scapegoat of the Hollow Victory"
Sept 18: Glenwood Community Center, Cooksville, md
Sept 21: Yankees in Falmouth, VA
October 3: SCV Archer Camp # 2013, Havre de Grace, MD

 2012 Appearances:
March 7 Mt. Zion Historical Park, Aldie, VA
March 24 Maryland & the Civil War Conference, Westminster, MD
March 25 Oatlands Tunes and Tours Open House, Leesburg, VA
April 7 Confederate History and Heritage Day, Chesterfield, VA
April 11, 18 & July 18 The National Civil War Museum, Harrisburg, PA
April 28 Dabbs House Civil War Living History Day, Henrico, VA
May 4-5 American Living History Education Society, Fairfield, PA
June 7 CWPT Clash for the Capital Conference, Richmond, VA
July 14-15 Rose Hill Manor Park Civil War Encampment in Frederick, MD
July 22 Preach a period sermon at
Mt. Zion Historical Park, Aldie, VA
July 25 Pipe Creek Civil War Roundtable, Westminster, MD
August 19 Luray Caverns Civil War Weekend, VA
September 8-9 Lost Order 191 at Monocacy National Battlefield Park, MD
September 13-15 150th Anniversary of the Battle of Sharpsburg, MD
Oct 6 Civil War and Religion at Lutheran Theol. Seminary Gettysburg , PA
December 5 Sons of Confederate Veterans Camp 1589, Midlothian VA
December 9 150th: D.H. Hill in Port Royal, VA
December 15-16 Christmas in the Carolinas Bennett Place, Durham, NC

Doug Batson, as D.H. Hill in early December 1862, reconnoiters Skinker's Neck 14 miles below Fredericksburg.  Hill's discovery of Federal forces there forced the ill-fated crossing at Marye's Heights.
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